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So where did the name Blossom HR come from?

Blossom HR Consultancy

It took me months to find the name….friends and family came up with loads of suggestions but they were either too corporate or not quite right and I wanted it to be perfect. One day my husband just randomly said “how about Blossom HR” and I shrieked…I immediately loved it.

Blossom is just such a lovely word and sounds warm, positive and friendly which are the very words colleagues, friends and family use to describe me.

But not just that….my mission is to help small companies grow, flourish and bloom which is exactly what the word means.  And the cherry on top of the cake is that it goes very well with my flower name…it was just meant to be!

HR Consultancy

The benefits of an HR Consultant

Most managers and owners have no experience in HR and employment law can be a minefield…there is no way you can get on with running your business whilst at the same time ensuring you are legally compliant and resolving any issues that come up.

I love taking the stress away from you…that moment when I can see the relief on an owner or managers face when I tell them that the situation can be resolved or I can take that burden off them is priceless and is genuinely what makes me love my job so much.

Do any of the following HR issues keep you up at night?

“I am feeling overwhelmed with all the people issues I have in my business and I don’t know where to start”

“We have grown to a point where we need some ad hoc HR support but there isn’t the need to employ someone on a permanent basis”

“I am worried that as a company we are not legally compliant and there may be financial repercussions for us”

“I am so excited that my business is doing so well but I don’t have the time to recruit the number of new employees we need to keep growing”

“I have an employee who is underperforming and I don’t know what I can do about it”

Wooden Chairs

“There has been a relationship breakdown with two members of my team and its having an impact on everyone in the business”

“People issues are taking up so much of my time and stopping me from doing what I do best”

“Someone has raised a grievance and I am clueless about what I need to do about it”

“Our Office Manager looks after all the people related tasks but she doesn’t have the HR experience and needs occasional support”

“An employee needs to be disciplined but I have never done this before and need some support”

“I want to upskill our managers and some external training or support would help”

“I have reached a point with an employee or manager where we can’t work together anymore, it’s just not working….they haven’t done anything wrong but I want to part company with them”

These are the exact areas where I can help and support, please get in touch.

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