HR case studies

It is wonderful to work with such a diverse range of clients and know that our expert HR advice has made their business lives a little easier.

Case Study – Complimentary HR health check              

We decided to start offering complimentary HR health checks to businesses for two reasons;

  1. We identified that a number of our current clients did not have the correct documents or processes in place when we started working with them. A professional, in-depth HR health check is a great way to make sure a business is compliant right from the start.
  2. Conducting a complimentary HR health check gives a potential client the opportunity to see how we work and allows us the chance to support them for free.  If they don’t wish to work with us afterwards then they still go away with an invaluable report which highlights the areas of HR they need to focus on. A win win!!

The Blossom team has conducted 11 HR health checks in the past weeks. Every single one has resulted in further work for us. For some, it’s just a quick contract of employment update and away they go. While for others, we have identified an enormous amount of potential risk. We have provided expert advice and support on projects to make sure personnel are up to speed and senior staff can sleep easy at night!

Heidi recently met Ben from Teklagraf at a networking event and he asked her to conduct an HR health check.  This involved a half hour meeting with Heidi where various questions were asked around right to work processes, problematic employees, probationary reviews, working time directive, contractor agreement and other important HR areas.  Heidi also took time to undertake a quick scan of their handbook and contract of employment.  She then completed a report which outlined the areas that would be considered a risk and how quickly the concern needed addressing.

Ben immediately recognised the importance of getting the documents and processes quickly changed and implemented and instructed Heidi to work on a number of different areas.  Heidi completed these agreed projects within 3 weeks and Ben was delighted with the results.

An HR health check can ultimately save a business owner tens of thousands of pounds, so for the sake of 30 minutes, it really is a worthwhile investment.  Please get in touch to book your HR health check.

Case Study – Medium sized company

Blossom HR was approached by a director Rosie worked with a few years ago as the company he worked at urgently needed HR support. The business is a blue chip, manufacturing business with sites across the UK and around 1,300 employees. Unfortunately, the business had not managed to retain their senior HR professionals, and this had resulted in a number of issues and risks for the business.

Rosie initially spent 2 days at Head Office meeting the key stakeholders and spending time with the Administrator to establish the high risk areas and the issues that needed the most urgent attention.  A plan of action was quickly determined and shared this with the Chief Operating Officer.

The plan was for Blossom HR to support the business for a month. However, 11 months later the company is still a client, and the relationship goes from strength-to-strength. Rosie helps the business on a 10 hour a week retainer and the work encompasses a wide range of HR related projects and cases.

How Blossom HR helped

  • Successfully exited four senior leaders in the business via settlement agreements.
  • Gender Pay gap was reported after receiving notification that the business had failed to submit stats.
  • Identified serious GDPR and Data Protection issues. Engaged with our amazing partner, Crystal from Adfirmo to conduct a gap analysis. Robust plans put in place.
  • Recruited two outstanding HR Managers.
  • Provide ongoing support and coaching for the HR Managers. One-to-one weekly catch up meetings give HR staff the opportunity to voice any concerns and vent any frustrations they may have!
  • Supported the business on People Strategy.
  • Implemented a People Management Toolbox for managers to help them conduct meetings effectively and legally.
  • Analysed and prepared a robust presentation detailing the results from an engagement survey across the business.
  • Supported managers on over 60 cases across the business including complex capability/ill health cases, redundancies, grievances, and dismissals. None of the cases which Blossom HR supported on resulted in a tribunal.

We are proud of the difference Blossom HR has made to this company and the value that we have added. The business has enjoyed the constant support from an independent and impartial consultant whilst knowing that at any time they can review this.

Rosie recently suggested to the Chief Operating Officer that the business may now be in the right place to stop having the additional support from Blossom HR. His response, “We still need you. I can’t manage the business properly without your super support and coaching.”

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