How to keep employees engaged & motivated

Published 16/08/2021

how to engage a team at work

The most important ingredient to having an engaged team

How do I make sure my team are engaged?

How do I know if my team are engaged?

What should I be doing to keep them engaged and motivated at work?

Are these the types of questions that are keeping you up at night? As a small business owner you are expected to be the “jack of all trades” and know everything when it comes to your business and the HR/team bit may feel a little daunting.  The fact that you are already thinking about engagement shows that you care and keeping engagement at the forefront of your business will absolutely help you to be profitable, effective and most importantly, have a motivated and happy team.

Why is Engagement so Important?

There are many, many reasons but here are a few:

  • The first one is probably the most obvious….a happier team! Your employees will genuinely enjoy working for your business and will go home feeling content and happy.
  • You will be amazed at how much your team talk about the business they work in and if they feel engaged, they will speak favorably about your business which in turn will not only raise positive brand awareness but will also encourage those that they know to use your business.
  • Your team members won’t want to leave and this is (mainly!) a good thing. Recruitment and getting new starters up to speed is a costly and time consuming business so having members that stay with you, especially when you are small really helps.
  • Research has shown that a happy and engaged team will also be A LOT more productive, innovative and will also go the extra mile when needed. Doesn’t that sound like a winning combination!?!

3 Simple Ways to Engage a Team

So…..drum roll……how exactly can you get this winning formula???  Well…..there are lots of different ways and I’m going to talk about what I believe to be the most important ingredient to promote an engaged team.

It’s very simple, communication! And when I say communication, I mean both ways.  Here are a few very simple steps you can take…

  • Keep your team updated on how the business is performing and any changes or upcoming projects etc. Even better than that….include your team on decisions. Everyone LOVES to know what’s going on and feel involved, especially when the business is small.  I have found that some of the best ideas/initiatives have come from junior members of the team.  Why I hear you ask….they are closer to the client/customer/product and really know what bug bears and changes which could be made which would help them and hugely benefit the business.  No matter how small your team is, having weekly or daily briefings is worth it’s weight in gold
  • Be transparent and open, if a project hasn’t worked or the business isn’t performing as expected, tell your team. The likelihood is that they already know or have heard rumblings that something is going on and whilst the news might be concerning or worrying for people, they will appreciate knowing the facts.  I have always found that rumors and speculations can be much more unnerving for teams and incredibly damaging for the business
  • Ensure your team are having regular 121s. Giving your team the opportunity to have a private conversation with you away from others and in the knowledge that they have your precious time is invaluable.  Research has shown that having this regular time with you will help you form the foundations of trust and enable you to be aware of anything that might be impacting on them at work or in their personal life.  Having this foundation of trust will also give you the ability to have those more difficult conversations when needed

There are lots and lots of other ways that I can support you with improving engagement. It’s an area which I love and feel passionately about! If you would like to arrange a 30 minute free consultation to discuss this in more detail, please get in touch….I’ll bring the biscuits!!!