Why hiring an HR Consultant can benefit a business

Running a business alone is tough. Growing a business and taking on employees is another major step and a decision not to be taken lightly.

If your business has grown to the position where you are looking to hire staff or where you cannot manage the day-to-day HR Advice and Support you once were able to, then you might be wondering whether you can justify the cost of hiring an HR Consultant?

Working with an HR Consultant can bring many benefits which are not only cost effective, but which also bring peace of mind. A good HR Consultant will save some major headaches and remove the worry of whether situations have been handled correctly, appropriately and in line with current employment legislation.

In this blog, I will explain how working with an HR Consultant can help you make key decisions; ones which may just be the catalyst for your business to grow more quickly and efficiently.

Why hire an HR Consultant?

An experienced HR Consultant is an invaluable asset to any business owner. They can take charge of ensuring the best interests of the company and advise on key issues involving the workforce.

An HR consultant will have spent many years studying for their CIPD Qualification(s) and will probably have spent a significant period of time gaining experience within employed roles as an HR Advisor/HR Manager or even an HR Business Partner/Director. An HR Consultant will possess a deep understanding of current employment law, business policies and procedures, human capital and should be strategic thinking, problem-solvers.

HR is a highly specialised role. It can be easy for an unqualified member of staff to get bogged down or stuck on specific personnel procedures. Contacting an HR Consultant can be a breath of fresh air. A new perspective seen through experienced eyes.

Even a consultation, (I offer 30 minutes completely FREE of charge), can provide a solution to the most serious of issues. Ideas and concepts can be explained simply.

An HR Consultant vs an In-House HR Manager

An HR Consultant is outsourced from a Consultancy Firm or freelancer, while an HR Manager is hired within an organisation to fulfil the human resources tasks on an employed basis.

With an HR Consultant, you can request advice and provision of services as needed. An HR Manager is likely to spend more time on day-to-day management, as opposed to the more strategic focus of a consultant.

How does an HR Consultancy work?

The HR Consultant is an excellent choice when a company has a need for human resource that isn’t met. An HR Consultant can be hired to fulfil a company’s specific need working with management and employees to develop a plan for the benefit of the company. The consultant can give advice on management, hiring procedures, and other cissues related to human resources which can be put into action over the short or long term.

The benefits of an HR Consultant

There are plenty of advantages; the HR Consultant can give quick, impartial and practical advice. They can provide expertise on certain specific areas such as redundancy or job evaluation and brainstorm HR Solutions for a company.

Other benefits for a business

  • Minimising Risk

The rewards of running a business are accompanied with plenty of risks. An HR specialist will anticipate and prepare for those most likely to occur.

Most importantly, an HR Consultant can help reduce costly and reputation damaging Employment Tribunal claims. Understanding the risks concerning improper employee management, employee behaviour and the way employees are hired and fired is invaluable.

Why it’s so important…

A good HR risk management strategy could help you find ways to deal with problematic employees, make good hiring decisions, and help you better manage people across your company. Getting these right saves a great deal of time and money.

  • Cost Saving

Advertising for an HR Manager and the subsequent hiring and onboarding of this role can consume a huge amount of time and money. Hiring an HR Consultant on a freelance basis can negate the need to go through this process. Similarly, the headache of NI, Tax, and other employment related expenses far outweigh the cost of hiring a consultant on a freelance basis.

  • Training and Development

Is training and development the same thing?

In a word, no. While training often focuses on the current employee needs or competency/skills gaps, development concerns itself with preparing people for future assignments and responsibilities and to fulfil their personal objectives too.

The HR Consultant can organise and coordinate training and development initiatives, delivering workshops that will increase job satisfaction and morale among employees. A good consultant can also prepare you and your staff for upcoming challenges such as new systems of work and new employment legislation.

It’s vital for a company to identify any employee with a skills gap and other soft skills as this can affect a company’s future growth and success.

  • Recruitment Process

One of the most important and vital processes that any business can adopt is a robust, flexible, and adaptable Recruitment Process. In order to retain your staff complement and for your business to be successful it’s very important that your Recruitment Process attracts and recruits talented and qualified people.

An HR Consultant can advise you on what it takes to attract qualified applicants and give small-business owners tips on the best recruitment strategies as well as how to make smart hiring decisions, create a productive workforce and minimise the cost-per-hire.

Signs you may require a retained HR Consultancy

Below are a few areas which may resonate with you and your business. These are all matters I can help with:

  • Spending more time and energy on people issues rather than growing your business
  • A drop in staff morale
  • Increase in sickness absences
  • Customer satisfaction dropping
  • A tried and tested recruitment process is failing to find the right employee
  • Staff turnover is increasing rapidly
  • It’s a struggle to find solutions to staff issues
  • A company restructuring requires some People Strategy support
  • A business has outgrown its existing structure and there is a need for someone to manage the HR aspect of the company

Some interesting facts…

According to new data by the Association of Professional Staffing Companies, demand for human resources specialists continues to grow in the UK and Wales. The total hiring levels for 2021 had gone beyond expectations, 2020’s by a quarter (23.2 per cent), with the current monthly average (2,452 roles) more than double last year’s (1,162).

In conclusion, an HR Specialist will consult in depth on any one or a few of these functions with a high level of knowledge, understanding, and performance. A specialist in HR isn’t a luxury – they are a necessity. An experienced HR professional will improve a business and provide great value.

For further information on how Blossom HR Consultancy can support your business and for your FREE 30-minute consultation please contact me.